Movie Posters:

The movie posters seen above are for fictional movies. I created these posters for fun using Photoshop. I could create movie posters based on real events like weddings, birthday parties and more. Please contact me if you are interested in a custom movie poster.

Into the Woods Movie Poster:

I created this movie poster based on a tutorial about a fugitive. Instead of a creepy person in the woods, I wanted to increase the mystery by adding a light orb behind the tree.

The 12th year Movie Poster:

This movie poster was created based on a wedding I photographed. The bride and groom featured in the background have been together for 12 years and had a daughter. They finally got married on their 12th anniversary. I went for a notebook feel with this poster.

Undercover Model Movie Poster:

I used images that I photographed at Comic Con Fan Experience January 2015. I incorporated the undercover model at the top and the subjects of his investigation in the viewfinder circle. The subject models were photographed by me at a fashion show in Virginia.

His Skull Halloween Movie Poster:

I recently did a Halloween photo shoot here in Salt Lake City. The theme was a Vintage Haunted Circus. The 3 models played the parts of Creepy clown on stilts, Lion Tamer and Victorian woman. I wanted to put together a creepy poster that incorporated close ups of their faces. Some of the props available were plastic body parts and dolls heads on strings. I incorporated one of these on the poster.