Mixed Media Piece #8: Toad Guide

Toad Guide is number 8 in my animal art series. This piece was just recently created using a mix of colored pencil, oil pastel, and acrylic paint. I chose the toad because I wanted the challenge of working with the bumpy and uneven skin. When you look at the eyes of a toad they feel like deep pools or portals that you can dive into. In this 8th piece, I wanted to give the toad a chance to shine. Toad Guide brings together the elements of balance in the universe and your reality. The toad shows you have divinity within even if it isn’t visible externally. The toad will show up for your when you think you have run out of luck. He shows you lucky opportunities and encourages you to take action.Trust yourself and know that you are the microcosm and macrocosm. You exist all the way down to the electrons and atoms in your form and are made up of the macrocosm of the stars.



Little Mermaid Superhero and Dory

Fan Art Piece In this digital art piece, I portrayed Ariel the Little Mermaid as a superhero with sidekick Dory. She has a magical wand similar to Tritan’s staff. She has a great sidekick who is optimistic and fun. Even though Dory has a bad short term memory, she tags along with Ariel to lighten the mood among upset sea creatures who are just having a bad day.